10 Ideas for Fixing the City of Los Angeles

10 ideas for fixing Los Angeles in 10 easy steps

As someone who’s lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 years, I have to tell you that while it’s true that the city feels like it’s made out of glass, it’s also a place that’s going through some major changes.

Some would call it a bubble, but you know what? I like the way things are going: there are a lot of cool people in L.A.; there are some really interesting and challenging spaces and restaurants; there are some really cool architecture and a lot of amazing museums; there is a diversity in neighborhoods; the people are generally friendly; it’s affordable and easy to live in; and everyone says the same things about the weather.

So, here are my 10 ideas for fixing the city, each one involving at least one new amenity or building:

1. The Westside

Annex a building to the University of Southern California to expand the school’s medical school and medical research institute. The school’s current teaching and research facilities would be re-designed, and the medical school would become a four-year accredited medical school and be accredited by the Accreditation Association of the Health Professions.

Work with philanthropists to create the Westside Community Garden, a $100 million, multi-functional urban garden in the heart of Los Angeles.

Build a public-private partnership to build a new downtown high-rise apartment tower. It would be located on the site of the former Century City property, which has been owned by the City of Los Angeles since 1996.

Move the USC campus, the UCLA campus, and the medical school to a single campus: the USC/L.A. Basin campus.

The city of Los Angeles should annex the USC campus, the medical school, and the UCLA campus to a single campus, the USC/L.A. Basin campus.

2. The Westside

Incorporate the Central Avenue Corridor, a 1.3-mile east to west-southwest thoroughfare

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