Asian Americans Will Vote Republican in 2016

Republicans make inroads with a key group of voters: Asian Americans

The Republican Party’s long-standing outreach with Asian Americans has been stymied by low turnout and a lack of awareness among some Asian American voters. Now, as the GOP’s presidential preference continues to shift away from the GOP’s traditional base, GOP strategist Stan Greenberg is hoping to get more Asians to the polls.

Greenberg is the lead strategist for the GOP’s campaign to secure the party’s nomination for president. Greenberg has made inroads with Asian American voters for two years. He began pushing his message to the Asian American community even before the 2012 campaign began, when he met with members of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce and worked to recruit more Asian American voters to the GOP, according to a recent Pew survey.

“With that audience, I’ve tried to bring a lot of the same folks who are supporters into our team. If there are many more Asian voters, then so be it,” Greenberg tells Business Insider.

Here is Greenberg’s strategy:

Use the Asian American community’s unique network to get them to the polls.

“The Asian ethnic group has about twice the percentage of people who identify as Democrats as the white ethnic group,” Greenberg says. “At the same time, they vote a little bit more Republican [than the white ethnic group].”

Asian Americans tend to be disproportionately poor. “If you look at [a poverty] rate, it is twice as high for Asian Americans as it is for white Americans,” he says. “We have a great demographic advantage, but if we don’t use our advantage, then we’re just going to continue on this trend of being under representation in elected offices.”

Greenberg is betting that these same reasons will be a major motivation for Asian Americans to vote Republican in 2016. In 2014, when Greenberg launched his campaign, he received the second-highest number of emails from Asian American voters (after the 2008 presidential campaign, which received the highest number of Asian American voters).

“The fact that we’re getting high levels of Asian voter registration in 2014 speaks to the idea that we’re reaching them, and then we used their emails to get them involved,” Greenberg says. “It was also interesting that some of the candidates who had a higher level of Asian participation —

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