Blind Football in Uganda

Meet the man who introduced blind football to Uganda

‘It is amazing that blind football can be played in this way.’

It is amazing that blind football can be played in this way. It is a game that is far from the beaten track. With no sighted person to observe the game, the game plays a crucial role in the lives of blind children in northern Uganda. We are here to learn from the man who has done more than anyone to change the course of blind football in this country.

I was told about a few months ago that Blind Football has been introduced in the country. I was impressed and excited to hear that it was real. Through a friend whose brother had played in the team, I had come to know of a blind football team from the north of Uganda.

I, along with some other volunteers had volunteered to be there to catch a glimpse of the upcoming football match. We were told ahead about the team by a lady who is working at the sports ground and this lady even told me how she herself used to play in the team. The game was scheduled to play against a team from another district. As far back as 2017 the team first played a friendly game against a team from the other district. There were about 20 players, the age range was between 8 and 12 years of age. There were 4 boys and 6 girls on the team. They were all blind and played the game with sticks. While on the whole it is a very exciting game, there were some challenges the team faced to play the game. The main challenges the team faced were to ensure the safety of the players and the other players and to ensure that the game is conducted in a controlled manner. They would get reports around 5:30 every morning of the location and the condition of the football pitch. The only person who could control the team was the coach. The team would report on the location of the pitch every day to the coach along with the temperature of the day. Once the pitch was found to be in a secure condition, the game would be played with only 2 players. The team had to work diligently ensuring that they would be on time. It was not easy to ensure that the game was played with only 2 players. If there was

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