Bloomberg and Turner give $50 million to UC Davis to build world’s largest agricultural research hub

Beverly Hills billionaires give UC Davis $50 million to build agricultural research hub, study of ‘globalization’

Two new billionaires are helping the University of California build an agricultural research hub and a study of “globalization,” which threatens a core American free-market economic system and would “severely limit the rights of the citizenry.”

Michael Bloomberg and Ted Turner have given nearly $50 million to get UC Davis to move ahead with their plans to build what will be the world’s largest “Agribusiness Technology Innovation Center” near the Sacramento Valley, a $200 million investment that would be used to boost agriculture research and other areas of the public and private sectors, and to study globalization, said the university’s vice chancellor for research.

The center would be built at the UC Davis campus in Sacramento, which is the closest research hub to California’s agribusiness industry, according to Davis spokesman Mark Zaid. The UC Davis campus already is home to the California Tobacco Center, one of the state’s top-ranked research institutes.

“Their vision of ‘globalization is very similar to their vision of agribusiness,” Zaid said. “The key difference is the research that we could be able to bring in because of this investment.”

The partnership will also involve a study of the effects of “globalization” on agricultural markets and trade, said UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, who is a former top aide to President Obama and former chief of staff for Hillary Clinton.

Bloomberg, who is spending $150 million on an anti-tax, pro-business billionaire agenda in Washington, D.C., announced his gift in a press release distributed by UC Davis: “When it comes to issues like food & sustainability, it is critical that we have access to the best minds and know best practices.”

A philanthropist who has supported research in the areas of climate change, Alzheimer’s disease and stem cell research, Bloomberg has been giving UC Davis a steady stream of

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