Bryan Bryan, 39, is taking things one day at a time

Luke Bryan’s wife, Caroline, shares she underwent ‘unexpected hip surgery’

The 39-year-old singer-songwriter took to Instagram last week to announce that he’s “taking things one day at a time” and would soon be releasing his first solo album in almost a decade.

He posted a photo of his wife, Caroline, in hospital, with the caption: “Just a picture to give thanks for all the love and support from my family & friends. Thank you for being there for every second of my time in hospitals and rehab centres in the last few months and the support in my time away being strong and strong on my return home.”

Bryan then asked fans to send “heartfelt and kind words” to his wife and added: “And also keep an eye out for my new song with my wonderful guitarist [who]. Love you more please and good luck for everything you are dealing with.”

Earlier this month, she had surgery for a stress fracture in her hip. She took to Instagram to share the news, writing: “I wanted to post this in celebration of hip re-firurectomy and I just wanted to thank all of the people who have sent good wishes and prayers, and the wonderful friends and fans out there that I am so appreciative of.

“Thank you for being strong when I couldn’t be. I am so unbelievably blessed to have the friends, family, and loved one that I have in this world, and for all of you who have had that same experience of dealing with something completely unexpected, I know that you will be able to understand I am truly grateful.”

Bryan, 50, announced last year that he was taking time out to focus on his writing and music career following the death of his eldest son, Luke, 21, in a hit-and-run accident in 2013.

He said at the time: “There’s some life that we have to live. There’s some things I wish I could change. I wish I could go back and change that one morning that I didn’t have that time with him. But at this point, I am so thankful. And I am so grateful that the way that he died happened how it did.”

Luke died at the age of 12 in a hit-and-run accident with his father, but Tyler

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