Can California avoid a third severe winter surge?

Can California avoid a third devastating COVID-19 winter wave? Cautious signs of hope suggest we’re closer than ever to a safe, normal winter.

California has been spared the devastating waves that the U.S. and most other countries have experienced in the past decade-plus of COVID-19.

But the question is: Can the state avoid a third period of severe winter weather, when we’re back in the depths of winter and the state is shut down — and again dealing with the new threat of life-threatening conditions in the form of a major snowstorm?

The answer is “yes,” according to the governor’s office.

“We are not anticipating any of the current seasonal events during this emergency period,” Gov. Gavin Newsom said Friday in a statement. “This is what winter looks like in California: extreme, but not unprecedented.”

More than 12,000 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed across the state as of Friday, Newsom added. Three of the four death totals in California have been surpassed, he said.

The governor’s statement, which was first reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, is the second from Newsom’s office to refute rumors that the state is headed toward a third severe winter surge, after a report from the University of California, Davis, forecast earlier this week that we could see up to three “peaks” in the number of cases and deaths.

Newsom’s office also issued a series of tweets Friday, including one asking voters on what party lines to vote this upcoming midterm election, and another which acknowledged the dangers of the current coronavirus pandemic.

“This public health crisis will not be confined to our borders,” his office said. “Voters understand that it will impact all of us.”

In a tweet, the governor’s office highlighted support for a path to a future California without an ongoing lockdown, a move that his campaign had proposed.

“A vote for the Democrats this fall is a vote for Medicare For All,” the office’s tweet reads. “As the most diverse state in the country with over six million immigrants from over 70 different countries, California

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