“Catch-22” is the first original series from Netflix in eight years

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The new series “Catch-22,” the first new drama in eight years on the network, is the first original series from the network since 1997’s “Lies that Bind,” now available on Netflix. The series is based on Joseph Heller’s 1960 novella with a screenplay by Mark Harris. “Catch-22” revolves around a couple, George (Peter Sarsgaard) and Ann (Kristen Wiig), struggling to survive a nuclear missile attack on New York.

The series, which debuted its first episode Thursday night, also features a diverse cast that includes Elizabeth Olsen, David Harbour, and Steve Carell; the latter two will also play two of the central characters, and were both tapped for the show by showrunner Jenji Kohan, who is now co-showrunner of “A Very English Scandal” and is executive producer of the series.

“We were in a moment where we have this cultural moment that is just absolutely fascinating to us, but maybe a little problematic for the people that are living in it,” Kohan told Variety. “We hope that this series can help, in part, to give people’s eyes wide open to what’s happening out there. Hopefully it’s going to be a show that people can relate to, because we’re really, in a lot of ways, people that are trying to survive the last decade of the 21st Century.”

Kohan said she hopes the show’s theme, “a time-traveling love story set against the backdrop of war and the Cold War,” not only “reflects who we are as a country, but also what we’re supposed to look like going forward.” Kohan has had the idea for the series for years, but she began to work on

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