Disney’s Live-Action Films Are Now On Track for a Total Launch By 2017

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It may have taken four years to get on the Disney ladder. But on Sunday evening, in his final press conference as president of Walt Disney Studios, Bob Iger will be announcing that, due to the overwhelming success of the “Star Wars” franchise, all seven of the company’s live-action films are now headed into production on the same schedule — with the studio now on track for a total launch by 2017.

In other words, “Aladdin” will hit theaters in November and “Pirates of the Caribbean” in December.

And while Iger may have been referring to this particular timetable when he spoke with the press Saturday night, his words might also carry more relevance for the company going forward.

He won’t be the first to suggest that Disney’s live-action films are already on pace to have a bumper year. And as Disney’s animation branch rolls out “The Jungle Book” and “Big Hero 6” and as the studio gears up for both “Frozen” and “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” we’re likely to hear more similar claims over the next year.

So, what does Iger have to say that he hasn’t already, about the state of things?

“I do hope the (live-action) pipeline moves a little faster than it does now,” he said, speaking to the press Saturday night at a D23 Expo. “Because we’re not just going to do one film and turn around. We would like to do several films.”

It’s true that Disney has already produced seven animated films over the past 10 years, and that the studio’s live-action slate is only likely to grow in that same time. But the studio already has a track record of “several films” moving simultaneously into production and on track to hit theaters in 2017.

In 2000’s “Aladdin,” for example, the studio had only one film under the same schedule — “The Prince of Persia” — all the way through 2002. In 2011, the studio had two films all the way through —

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