Dolly Parton and The Band Celebrate Grammy Awards

Dolly Parton embraces rock stardom, Eminem pays tribute to hip-hop at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ceremony, more

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ROCK HILL, S.C. — Dolly Parton, a towering force in American music, and The Band, an unlikely rock band, met on the way to the Grammy Awards at the home of Dolly and her daughter, MaryAnn, Wednesday night.

The celebration was fitting as the two women were honored with the induction of the duo into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is where music legends are honored for their musical achievements and their work to enrich our culture.

Dolly and MaryAnn met as young teens in the late 1960s when they were in the same class at Horry County High School in Rock Hill. They are sisters and were close friends throughout their childhood.

During a speech by former president Bill Clinton, MaryAnn recalled their early years and how they grew from best friends to best friends, best girlfriends and eventually married in the 1970s after the passing of their mothers.

The Hall of Fame was just the beginning of the celebration.

During an impromptu moment of respite, MaryAnn ran into her old friend and they laughed as MaryAnn, a mother of two, was walking across the stage with her husband, Jimmy.

“It’s been my honor to share the stage with one of my favorite people,” Jimmy said with tears in his eyes.

The two are now married over a decade and have four children and four grandchildren.

They shared a hug before the ceremony, but the moment would have been harder to take if Dolly had not walked up with a huge grin on her face.

Dolly and MaryAnn were brought together through their music.

The first time the duo spoke publicly was for the Billboard magazine cover called “Top 10 of the 20 S.Ct.”

That was in 1981 when the duo was inducted

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