E.L. John’s Dodger Stadium show will go on, as scheduled

Goodbye, Elton John: Inside the music legend’s final Dodger Stadium concert

L.A. Dodger’s final home game of the 2013 regular season will happen without the voice of E.L. John, who died Monday night of heart failure.

But the show he was scheduled to appear on before the game — a performance by Paul McCartney and a bunch of his old band mates — will continue at least as a one-off concert in June, sources with knowledge of the event tell NBC4 Los Angeles.

The Dodger will honor John’s passing Monday afternoon with a moment of silence — a tradition instituted after the tragedy at the L.A. airport on Sunday night. He was en route to Los Angeles from his home in the U.K. when he missed his flight.

John’s three daughters, Mika, 15, Georgina, 12, and Stella, eight, will perform, along with his band, the Tragically Hip.

John’s Dodger Stadium show will go on, as scheduled.

For as long as there have been Dodger Stadium concerts, there has been a bit of irony in that a lot of the artists who have played in Los Angeles have always been from Los Angeles.

The Dodger’s first stadium concert was a sold-out show by the Beach Boys in 1969, and the team’s first big-name music stars were a bunch of ex-Los Angeles stars — James Brown, Stevie Wonder and the B-52’s.

For a bunch of ex-Los Angels stars who’ve found each other in the past 15 years, it’s not surprising that John’s Dodger Stadium show will go on.

The Tragically Hip will perform on June 14, 2014.

“It’s just unfortunate that in the midst of so many great nights in Dodger Stadium, his last performance, his last concert, will be the one that’s going to be remembered,” said Tragically Hip bassist Gord Downie.

The Tragically Hip, who were called “heroes” by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, have been to Dodger Stadium a few times, though they have not been on the road.

“He was a great Dodger man,” added bassist Jon Foreman. “He was a great Dodger fan. He’s going to be

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