Everyday Low’s Hair Care Brand Is a New Kind of Dragon

‘House of the Dragon’ Hair Inspires an Icy Blond Renaissance

Everyday Low, a haircare company, makes its brand the butt of jokes on its Tumblr.

Photograph by David McNew

Everyday Low is not a new name. In fact, its headquarters, a small strip mall on a busy road in San Diego’s Mission Valley, is little more than a year old. But its founder and manager, Jennifer Bancroft, says the name itself has become something of a joke. “They’ve been calling me House of the Dragon, and they were saying it’s a new kind of Dragon,” she says. “I don’t know what Dragon means.”

Everyday Low’s hair-care products were first introduced in 2012. They have since seen a steady rise in demand; the company has expanded to 15 international locations, and has even opened one in London. It’s become a cult-favorite online brand, with a social-media following of over 100,000 people. But its products may never have made it out of the San Diego market, according to Bancroft. “We’re very small,” she says. “When we first started we were very lean.”

Bancroft came up with the brand name and the marketing strategy for Everyday Low in about 2011. She wanted to sell a product that was more than just moisturizing hair. She looked to make a bigger statement. “I came up with this idea of ‘House of the Dragon’ for an Asian dragon in the Asian culture,” Bancroft says. “It was like, look what we’re doing here.”

The term House of the Dragon was originally coined, she says, “by a friend of mine, who is Korean, called ‘dongi,’

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