Frank Darabont: “Halloween Ends” Gives Michael Myers a new identity

‘Halloween Ends’ gives the knife one last turn in the latest Michael Myers trilogy from executive producer Frank Darabont

Frank Darabont says last night he’s “just really happy,” after ‘Halloween Ends’ gives Michael Myers one last turn in his latest trilogy featuring him as the slasher.

Last night’s episode, “The Final Chapter,” ended with Myers escaping a building and walking away from a murder. Before that, he got a new identity — a life away from the one he was stuck in for most of the movie.

“I’m just really happy,” Darabont told TheWrap before the episode — which airs next month — aired. “That’s what this thing is for, right? There’s always more. It’s always going to be different.

“This thing started out to be like, ‘Okay, what does Michael Myers really want?’ And as it’s gotten closer to the end, it’s been very different,” he added. “In the last two seasons, it’s kind of been the same, but it’s been more fun. It’s more exciting, because there’s always something new. It’s always one more thing. It’s never enough.”

Darabont said that while Myers has always been “his own little creature,” he’s learned more about himself as his life has gone on. One of the things that makes him special, he added, is how he “always finds the people he loves and gets to a place of understanding themselves.”

“That’s the beauty of him,” Darabont said, “the way he can be a monster and a person at the same time. The way he can be a good person and a villain at the same time.”

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Darabont said that this season’s story has been “very different,” adding that “this season has been more about Michael becoming the man he never knew he could be.” The series was already a hybrid between the past and present — for the first time, Myers is not exactly the same guy he was at the beginning.

“He was a guy who was a superhero, and what became a monster was a man who came back from the dead. It’s always been that way. And he’s always had a secret identity and he’s always played the villain, but he’s never had his

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