Germany must stop funding climate change

Uganda’s President Museveni slams ‘Western double standards’ over Germany coal mine plans

Uganda’s President Museveni has slammed the “Western double standards” over Germany’s plans for a coal mine and called on Germany to stop financing climate change.

In an interview with German broadcaster WDR, President Museveni said Germany must stop its financing of climate change and said the country should stick to its own coal industry rather than taking a new direction.

“Germany should stop funding climate change and the environment in general,” Museveni said.

The BBC reports that the German government has provided €13m to a UN programme for environment and development that, along with other funding, could be used to promote clean energy.

The German government has said it has no plans to end funding for the programme, which will support climate action programmes in Africa and elsewhere.

Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety said the money was for developing projects at existing and planned facilities, including the proposed Kalt- und Hafen-Kalkriese plant in Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state.

However, a former German government official told the Guardian that some of these projects were “inactive, dead and dying” and that the money would be “very much needed”.

He added that the government was trying to stop the projects dying on their own, instead of withdrawing funding.

According to the BBC, the total amount of money provided by Germany is far less than the €200m the UN has said will be needed for climate change programmes over the next ten years.

Germans have long argued that climate change is a German responsibility because the country is responsible for much of the emissions.

As a result, Germany has said that it will take the lead in developing a plan to combat climate change, in line with a UN agreement of a global treaty on climate change, to be completed at the next UN climate summit in Mexico this year.

The BBC reported that German politicians and green groups, who have long argued

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