How Rhiannon’s Story Changed the World

How Rhiannon Giddens and Michael Abels turned an enslaved man’s narrative into an opera


The story of an enslaved man, who was forced to perform a song on stage for two years, and who wanted to share his story.

The slave, who was named as Rhiannon, worked as a cook in a restaurant in the 1930s. After she saved up the money to buy her own ticket, she made a journey to New York, to share her story with a newspaper columnist. When her story was published, in 1941, the newspaper ran a picture of Rhiannon and her son.

Rhiannon never told her story to others. She knew some may not believe and others might never understand. She would tell the story of her life to one person.

Alicia Badeau was the newspaper columnist whose story Rhiannon told. Her piece, published in the New York World, was titled, “To a Slave Girl the World.” The headline read, “To A Slave Girl a World.”

The article ran in the first issue of the World’s paper. The issue had a story about the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. The World was published in New York by Charles Scribner’s Sons and edited by Robert McAllister.

They gave Rhiannon a position as a reporter in Tokyo to write about life in the city, and to see the world. Rhiannon’s job was to write stories for the paper. She traveled to Japan a few weeks after the paper was published.

Rhiannon was one of many people who were working hard to tell stories of life in other countries and other worlds.

Rhiannon’s job was to write a story on how life in Japan was like in the Philippines. To do this, she had to visit different locations. She had to interview people, and to talk to others who worked in the city. She went to bars, clubs, and different places. She met people from different backgrounds. In the process, Rhiannon became very interested in the culture and the people of Japan.

Rhiannon’s job as a writer was very interesting. She interviewed people, and wrote stories about them. Each story was about a different person. Sometimes they were the person who was in the story, and sometimes they were someone who had a close relationship to

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