How to Knit a Scarf

Young Knitters Discover a Decades-Old Wool Festival in the City

Knitting a simple scarf for the winter, Mary Alice Davis and her family decided to take a holiday weekend to the city of Pilsen, in southern Slovakia. While they were there, they discovered a centuries-old wool festival in the heart of the city.

Davis saw an opportunity to bring the festival to the masses and to give back to the community. They teamed up with the Pilsner Wool Guild and have been taking their scarf knitting classes ever since.

“We decided to make the scarf in the style of traditional wool knitted scarves,” she says. That decision came about when Davis was working on a project in Czechoslovakia. “The scarf we made came out very well, so we returned to Slovakia and told the Wool Guild. They were very excited to have us take over their scarf classes.”

The Pilsner Wool Guild provides yarn, needles and other supplies for people who want to knit or crochet scarves of their own design. So far since Davis and her family have started classes there, they have had four people sign up, including two women who were previously unemployed, and two men who were unemployed.

If you have never knitted a scarf, you can find out how to give your hands a break at Pilsner Wool Guild in the Pilsner Shop for Scarves and Knitters.

Davis says she believes knitting can be a powerful tool for the community because of the simple joy of bringing something back from the past that was knitted by someone who made use of it in a meaningful way. “Knitting a scarf is like returning a gift that someone gave to you,” she says.

Davis says everyone is welcome to join a new class at the Pilsner Wool Guild. The classes are taught by a dedicated, experienced instructor. Davis says the new classes at the guild bring together many different women and men who love the simple art of knitting with yarn.

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