I am grateful for the help I received from the other person who wrote about me in this column

Letters to the Editor: Why Karen Bass and Rick Caruso both give reason to hope on homelessness

I want to say with great sincerity to the two people who wrote about me in this column: Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have done more to help me achieve my dream of having a home and a family than I ever will. The reason I am able to give them this letter is because you told me that it was okay for me to get help in dealing with my mental health issues.

I am not saying that you were the best person to help me in the situation or that I would have been able to deal with myself without you. But, like the other person who wrote about me, I am grateful for your help, for being there for me and I hope that the help was justifiable.

As a former homeless person, I am grateful for the mental health services that I was able to get and receive, whether it was a substance abuse assessment and treatment, a mental health evaluation, or a housing or a transitional housing placement. I have gotten help and was helped.

The other person who wrote about me did not provide her reason for wanting me helped, only wanting the help. She did say that I had the “potential for abuse and neglect,” which is just not true. I have never attempted to date or hurt anyone.

That was her excuse, but it was only her excuse, so all I could ask her to do is to tell me the truth about any abuse that was occurring. If nothing else, the truth would be much better than the lies she was claiming.

My life is what I have made of it. I do not want to be seen as any different or less than any other veteran who has fought for our country and our freedom.

Rick Caruso

North Pole

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