I Love You, and I’m So Happy You’re With Me

Tiny Love Stories: ‘We Hadn’t Made Love in Months’

I’d been with David for almost three years when he proposed to me at his brother’s engagement party. When we first got together, I was a newly wed woman with a six-month old baby. There was a moment where I went from terrified of leaving my partner and child in the care of a stranger to wanting to jump at the chance to be with him. I was terrified because there was no way I could survive without him.

I had no idea how his family was structured, or what kind of career he had planned for himself. My initial expectations of love hadn’t been realistic. Even though we had been together for almost a year, I felt like we were only communicating through texts and phone calls, and never in person. After a year of writing letters, I started to realize he had this incredible affection for me. We were friends before we were anything else.

After a while, it didn’t matter what we looked like or what we did for a living, we looked identical. I remember the time when I was standing at our apartment building and he pulled me in and said “I love you,” and I didn’t realize it was the first time I heard him say it to me. It was a perfect moment, and he knew it. He knew I loved him and he knew he was loved. What I didn’t know was he would never take his love for granted. He would be there for me through good times and bad. What I did know is that my love for him was unconditional.

After we lost our daughter, it wasn’t long before he began to love me with similar intensity. He would do anything for me and I would do anything for him. We would sit and cuddle with her, and I’d get the same feeling as when I was a kid and got my mom in bed with me because she knew how much I needed her. I could tell we were both crying because my daughter would fall asleep and I’d get her back in her crib. I�

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