Is it a good idea to throw a Halloween party with a scary theme and candy costumes?

Letters to the Editor: In an era of climate change, we’re doing Halloween wrong by having our holiday in October.

It can feel too depressing. We need a change in the way we approach Halloween.

I think of Halloween as a good time for children to dress up. That’s why I’m a big, big fan of Halloween costumes. Halloween has been the big costume party for generations.

Dressing up is a good way to get kids out in the fresh air and get the energy and excitement levels up. It’s also a good way to get them to ask questions about how the world works.

But, I also think it’s important to stay away from the scary stuff.

“Is it a good idea to throw a party with a scary theme and candy costumes?”

That’s what I did when my son was that age. I gave out a special Halloween toy named “Big, Bad Wolf.”

Every year, I gave the toy to all the parents of the other kids in the class. I knew it would give them something to talk about for hours.

After that, it became a tradition to have a Halloween party that always started with opening the big toy and giving away a few toys to the children who weren’t playing with it.

I didn’t want anybody to have to share with their neighbor or brother.

Kids are very interested in what other people think. It’s all about comparison.

I wish people would realize how much attention is given to the scary Halloween costumes.

I’ve talked to many educators. Some kids are too old for it.

They don’t have the energy or sense of adventure to go outside and play in the daylight.

I don’t want it to stop and we don’t want the kids to give up.

We’ve got to keep pushing back. This is not the right way to have a Halloween party.

I’d like to see the people who decide what Halloween is all about, to change just a little.

I think that Halloween should be fun and different.

It should be family-oriented and not so scary.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not afraid of a little rain, sleet, snow or

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