“It’s hard to accept my role as a Black female athlete in tennis,” Monica Seles wrote

US tennis star feels some people don’t want Black players to succeed.

After a bad loss at the French Open in late June, Monica Seles said, “It has to do with the way we are portrayed in society.”

Shers reported to the media her frustration with how society views Black women competing in tennis, and how some have not accepted her on the court or in the locker room.

Seles wrote in her letter,

“To all the Black athletes who have competed in sports in America, I am very lucky to have been a part of a great community of Black women like myself to have been able to play in front of so many great Black women who loved me.

“When we are criticized, it can be difficult to accept the fact that we are accepted and respected by so many. I feel like I am judged by my family before I can even receive my diploma at school, and I am a Black woman.

“I have felt like I am alone even when we have made some progress as athletes, I just hope I can continue to compete and do something that will allow me to be accepted by my Black family and my White family.

“I know how to deal with negative critics if people have been nice to me throughout my life. I can also come together as a family and find a way to accept my role as a Black female athlete in tennis.

“I will continue to compete, it doesn’t matter who is saying that Black women cannot compete.

“I have overcome many challenges, but I feel that the one thing that can happen, can happen in my life that I never imagined, is that my daughter can play at US Open as a tennis player. I believe that her tennis career is great and she will be proud of her accomplishments and success she will achieve as one of the elite Black female athletes in the world.”

Shers closed her letter on a positive note, saying, “I have never been more positive about my abilities, my career and my success.”


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