James Corden defends his guest after he called him a “disgrace”

James Corden ‘apologized profusely’ after restaurateur bans and calls him out online

Actor Jamie Dornan has defended James Corden after one of his guests on The Late, Late Show called the host a “disgrace” after complaining about him on Twitter.

The episode, in which Corden’s guest, Jimmy Kimmel, aired a brief clip of Corden arguing on the show with a man who accused Corden of being dishonest, left the veteran host and comedian fuming.

“I am so very offended by this guy,” Corden told Jimmy Kimmel in the clip, which aired on Sunday.

“I am an actor, Jimmy. I have more integrity than this. I apologize profusely. Thank you,” Corden continued, adding that he was now considering ending his contract so that he could “get out of this whole thing”.

“It’s a fucking disgrace,” said Kimmel, an outspoken critic of cord-cutting and Corden’s refusal to carry the channel’s adverts, which the host believes hurt his station’s ratings.

“I’ll take it off the next time I’m on, I’m sure,” Corden joked.

“Yeah, sorry, sorry James,” Kimmel replied.

“You’re the best,” Corden replied. Kimmel responded: “If you say so…”

Corden then responded, “No, no. I’m very sorry to hear that…I have done nothing to warrant this. I just think we make a great pair.”

He then added,“I’ll talk to the lawyer tomorrow and I’ll tell the truth.”

While the online backlash prompted him to call for a boycott of his guest, Corden said of his guest: “I will stand my ground…I will defend my guests. The person you are talking about is an arsehole.”

When asked to expound further on his stance on cord cutting, Corden told Jimmy Kimmel: “I love Jimmy. He is my friend. I love him like a brother and I am so thankful he is my friend

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