Johnny Depp: “I need to get out when these movies start rolling in on this end”

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Disney star Johnny Depp is going to be busy, as he’s shooting several high-profile projects. “I need to get out when these movies start rolling in on this end,” he jokes. Depp, who has a reputation for being secretive, was in charge of the secret lives of his characters in the live-action Beauty and the Beast sequel and this fall’s Alice in Wonderland. Both pics have already been greenlighted by Disney for release in 2016. Here he talks with Extra about his future, acting and his latest project.

How do you feel when you look back on your Disney career so far?I think of all the fun I’ve had on screen and off. I’m sure it’s a very humbling career. You never know when something’s going to happen, you know. Sometimes it’s just fun and games and then other times it’s challenging, and I’ve had my ups and downs.

Your roles have included such classics as Pirates of the Caribbean, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, Brave and Jack’s big break. But the main career highlight is probably the Pirates of the Caribbean movie in 2009. How do you feel when you recall that?[Laughs] It was a really weird year for me in that I was in a relationship. We worked so well together, and I thought we were going to do great in that movie. My relationship with the studio in that movie sort of worked against me. It was a real roller-coaster year for me. It was just a very good thing to do in that movie because it helped launch me into a different kind of career in acting that I couldn’t have been on set in my hometown because there was no money. So it was great for my career and my love life as well.

We’re getting ready for Pirates of the Caribbean 3. How do you feel about the cast that’s been lined up for that?What can I

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