Kanye West is a terrible human being

Opinion: Condemning Kanye West’s antisemitism is easy. Vigilance is harder.

In my opinion, Kanye West’s latest album “Can’t Tell Me No” is nothing but a collection of terrible songs. That this is the opinion of a grown man who clearly has an opinion doesn’t make it any less of an opinion. I would even say that it’s a popular opinion. There’s no doubt that Kanye West is the most famous man in the world right now. His voice and his platform are so unique that he’s taken over that platform in a way that I’ve never seen. With his music, his persona, his fashion — he’s taken over the music, the fashion, and even the world. I cannot deny that he is the ultimate leader. I can only say this, though: Kanye West is not a good human being.

I love the energy and the excitement. I love the raw, unapologetic voice that Kanye West possesses. I respect that he was raised to be an outspoken leader and that he is at the forefront of a new movement. But Kanye West is more than an outspoken leader of a movement — he is a terrible human being.

So, in the interest of fairness, it is not my job or my privilege to say that he is without fault, but that we need to let him know. We need to let him know that he is not allowed to do these horrible things again. We need to let him know that his past actions have absolutely no relevance or impact on our feelings of tolerance.

The first time that I experienced the anger of someone’s hatred against someone else was when I witnessed the murder of Matthew Shepard by a member of the Christian Identity movement. The thing about the Christian Identity movement is that they do not take any responsibility for their actions. They just blame it on others and say, “Why did this person commit this crime?”. They do not make excuses. So, I saw the murder and I saw the person responsible for that murder and I couldn’t help but feel that something was off about them. I felt that they were someone that just shouldn’t be in the

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