Kanye West is the Most Interesting Person I’ve Ever Met

Granderson: Kanye West’s life and art are one. You don’t have to keep watching or stop paying attention to make art.

It seems we’ve gotten very specific about saying that Kanye West is a musical genius. That’s true. But that’s also a form of laziness. Kanye is Kanye West, the most interesting person I’ve encountered in my time in the world. All you have to do is follow the West’s work from 2010 through 2015 and you start to understand West’s artistry.

As a musician, Kanye has created a unique style and style of music that’s distinct from all the other greats. His records have no trendiness, none of that stuff. They are singular.

West was raised in a household filled with pain and pain-filled musicians. His mother was a music teacher, his older sister was a pianist, and his parents were both musicians. Kanye was surrounded by people who had a love and respect for music and a deep curiosity about why music works. West lived in a world filled with musicians who were often the same person, often the same person for a long time, yet each generation brought along a different sound and a different style.

West’s style is not one that has been crafted by the best. It is one that he has created entirely on his own.

His style is unique, and it has a personality. I love listening to his records. I love seeing him perform. I love thinking about what he does and why he does it. Every record sounds different. Kanye West is an innovator at the core of who he is.

The thing is, West has made over 200 albums. He has built dozens, if not hundreds, of styles of music. He has released dozens, if not hundreds, of albums. He has collaborated with a ridiculous amount of people. He has toured for three decades. He has released a song with Paul McCartney, a song with Justin Timberlake, two songs with 50 Cent, three songs with Rihanna, two with Jay Z, a song with Kanye

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