Karen Bass Should Stop Writing About Abortion

Letters to the Editor: Karen Bass is right, abortion is a local issue

Karen Bass should stop writing about abortion

In two recent articles (“Let’s talk,” Nov. 14; “‘We haven’t heard from her at all,’” Nov. 20) on abortion, Karen Bass does not acknowledge the obvious — no matter what the issue — an abortion opponent has a point about abortion.

Bass’ conclusion, and the conclusion of others in national media, is: No matter what the issue, an abortion opponent has a point about abortion.

How is that different from a discussion of abortion?

Bass is quite wrong in her conclusion about abortion, and also wrong in her analysis of two recent articles on abortion. Readers, I look forward to a serious discussion of abortion with you when you can get it.

In the meantime, I hope to see Bass’ attention turn to another topic.

I agree with Rick Steiner

I have been following and writing about the subject of abortion for more than 27 years, and have had an abortion more than once in my lifetime. Over the years, I have read and listened to many “experts” who were and are pro-abortion. Most all of them are wrong. In this age of sound bites, there is no question of anyone who would disagree with me on this. The only opinion I would like to see here is an honest, open discussion of the issues, and an opportunity for the pro-life movement to have a debate on abortion and make our arguments. Rick Steiner has written a book titled, “Don’t Say It Isn’t So!” that does exactly that.

In many ways, Steiner is right. Abortion is a local issue. Each person will have an opinion about abortion, and it is a personal issue for each family. As each family approaches abortion, I believe that we all need to discuss their decision and how it relates to our family, our

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