Kyrie Irving’s “Jew” Post Was the Perfect Mistake

Kyrie Irving Rebuked for Linking to Antisemitic Documentary

Kyrie Irving has been on a rollercoaster ride ever since he went viral with an Instagram post of the word ‘Jew’, but now the NBA star and Harvard graduate has come under fire for his comments regarding the history of the Holocaust.

It all began when Kyrie posted to Instagram a photo of the word “Jew” with the caption, “I’m Jewish, and I’m so proud.”

The word immediately received a great deal of attention from users on social media and social news sites, and since then the world has gone crazy over Irving’s “Jew” post (see our collection below). It didn’t take long for Irving’s fans to start demanding his removal from the Houston Rockets, as well as demand changes to the NBA’s social media standards.

As a result, Irving was slammed for his remarks. Many even called upon the NBA to suspend Irving’s team for the remainder of the season.

If anything, Irving’s post was the exact kind of mistake that would have led to him being suspended for his own remarks. When it comes to social media, we often find ourselves in this weird place of using platforms for a wide variety of reasons. A post by the president of the United States could end up trending, and could end up being shared millions of times before a single human being is aware of its existence.

So why does this not seem to happen?

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Irving said that he was “terribly sorry” for his “off the cuff” post.

However, when it comes to apologizing, Irving is more of a maverick. Irving doesn’t exactly shy away from the truth when it involves his religious beliefs or the history of the Holocaust. In the interview, he said, “Look, I didn’t mean any harm with that. I just — I thought of it really quickly.”

Many are questioning not only the validity of Irving’s post, but whether or not his comments should even have been published in the first place. “I don’t know why he should be given a platform for hateful remarks,�

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