Lionel Messi’s mother has overcome a horrific disease to regain her legs

Atlético Madrid midfielder’s comeback from brain cancer and mother’s paralysis ‘a miracle’

The mother of Lionel Messi’s mother, Ingrid del Río, has had both her legs paralysed for more than eight months by a degenerative condition, and has no idea when she will be able to return to the gym.

Byron del Río Messi, the youngest son of the Argentinian football legend, has overcome a horrific disease and is now on the mend.

Ingrid del Río Messi is the youngest of four children from Argentina, and she was diagnosed with a degenerative condition two years ago, when her son’s football career was on the rise.

But the footballer’s mother has defied the odds and become one of the most decorated and respected footballers in the world.

A few months ago, Ingrid was hit by her own devastating tragedy after being laid up for more than nine months with a degenerative condition called Guillain-Barré syndrome.

Since then she has defied the odds and is now on the mend, overcoming a horrific disease to regain the use of her legs.

The family was told it was unlikely Ingrid would ever walk again if not for her son’s career.

“I’ve been walking with a lot of fear. I would never go running again, not for one minute,” she said.

After being informed it was unlikely she would ever walk again, Ingrid del Río Messi said she wanted to play football the following day. Instead she walked out of her house in the middle of the night, she said.

“After he came back on the Sunday he was really happy because he wasn’t lying…he came to tell me that he got it, my son got it. And you know, when you see something like that, especially on television, it’s always that one moment you are the best mom in the world.”

Ingrid del Río Messi’s son, Lionel Messi

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