Malawi police say they have found more bodies in a mass grave near the site of a mass grave that contained 23 people

Malawi police find more bodies near mass grave that contained 25 Ethiopians

Malawian police say they have found more bodies, including about a dozen children, in what is being described as a mass grave near the site of a reported mass grave that contained 25 Ethiopians in 1998.

Police spokesperson Charles Mponda says five bodies, including three children, have been recovered.

Police believe that the grave was abandoned sometime after the discovery of the mass grave in 1998, but never sealed.

A spokesman for the foreign ministry said that he could not confirm that the grave is associated with Ethiopia, but police have not said there are other bodies in the grave. There were about 50 people found in the grave.

The United Nations later found a mass grave in eastern Ethiopia in 2000 containing 23 people who had been murdered with machetes.

Police later found the remains of a mother and her 10-year-old daughter buried at the same site.

The Associated Press says it has not independently confirmed the details of the reports on the mass grave in southern Malawi or the deaths of the 23 people.

U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton said Sunday it is “possible” that Malawi helped hide the killing.

The Associated Press and other news organizations quoted Malawi police as saying they believe the two sites are connected.

Ethiopia has denied that it is behind the killing.

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