Martin O’Malley Could Be the Most Interesting Candidate in the 2020 Democratic Primary

Opinion: Kevin de León’s defenders emerge, but they’re still a minority @lwpreview — What do the polls say about Kevin de León? And why is he in such a tough spot? There’s been enough chatter about whether a Democratic primary is necessary or whether the party should run for president the same way it did four years ago. So, what’s happening, or at least what seems to be happening, is that a bunch of left-of-center candidates are floating on the “shelved” list of the crowded Democratic field in 2020.

Many others are floating around — some because they’re trying to make their case, others because they’re just hoping to be the next to get their turn. And some are even thinking about it.

Former Baltimore Mayor Martin O’Malley, a Democrat who has served as governor of Maryland, could be the most interesting candidate in the race: He ran for president as the Democrats’ vice presidential nominee in 2008 and 2016, but he’s only been in the race once and hasn’t gained a significant base of support yet. His campaign hasn’t really tried to differentiate itself from other candidates who aren’t running — although he’s brought on prominent Democrats like former President Bill Clinton and former President Jimmy Carter.

But he’s a serious candidate with strong policy ideas. He’s been mentioned as a possible vice presidential nominee, and he has the ability to raise money. His name has come up a few times in recent months, and his campaign appears to be well funded enough to have a strong base and a viable candidate. And he seems to be more popular among the Democratic base than O’Malley, an independent, is with the Democratic base.

Former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper is another candidate whose name is being floated. Hickenlooper has the strongest policy position of the bunch, and he’s definitely got the money: He has been able to raise lots of money, and his campaign has the resources to run a well-funded campaign.

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