My Mother’s Sister Was a Close Family Friend

Should I Tell a Young Relative That Her Grandmother Tried to Swindle Me?

Is it wise to tell a young relative of a young relative who your grandmother worked as a teller with?

I’m now in my 60s. I have a son who is now 25 years old. I am his mother. My mother and younger brother (who is now in his mid-40s) are the children of my mother’s older sister. My parents divorced in my early 20s. I wasn’t close to my mother when she was alive. I didn’t know much about her. I was just an absent child and an occasional visitor, and not particularly close to my mother.

My relationship with my mother’s sister was complicated. I never knew my mother’s sister when she lived with us or when she lived elsewhere. I knew of her before our family split up. My mother and sister were not married to one another at the time of the split-up (nor are my mother and brother). My mother’s sister lived with us for three years, during which time she had a child with my mother that my mother and brother did not.

We were very close to the time of my mother’s death. My mother had gone to visit her sister. I was in Arizona for a week. While I was in Arizona, my mother was very sick and was suffering from dementia. On her last day in Arizona, my brother drove my mother to the hospital to see my mother die. I do not know if he did. My mother died two days after my mother and brother went back to Phoenix. I had never seen my mother so sick, so frail.

My brother’s girlfriend’s mother, who was also a close friend, helped pick-up my mother on the way home from Arizona. My older brother drove the short distance to the car from where my mom had been

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