Nancy Pelosi meets with reporters after meeting with Senate Democrats

Pelosi: Decision on staying in leadership ‘will be affected’ by attack on husband

Rep. Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that the decision on whether she will stick around the House Democratic leadership team as the party’s top elected official will be affected by what happens with her husband, who was hospitalized overnight.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is meeting with reporters this afternoon after a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to discuss her future as leader of the House Democrats. (File: Peter Stevenson/Getty Images)

The California Democrat took a few questions on her future regarding her husband Eric Pelosi’s health.

Pelosi responded to a reporter who asked about the circumstances of the day’s House Democratic leadership meeting, noting in part: “I’m not going to make any comments on the details of the closed meeting, whether I will be part of the leadership team or not.”

The meeting, which took place as lawmakers were leaving the Capitol after taking in Senate Democrats for their weekly caucus meeting, is not expected to be made into a public airing. Lawmakers are under instructions to keep their comments about the meeting off the record.

House Democrats are expected to meet with Schumer and Pelosi later this afternoon.

The California Democrat spoke to reporters afterward, saying: “What I can tell you is that he’s doing well and his current condition is stable.” The statement offered few details about what the doctor — a prominent family physician at Kaiser Permanente — told Pelosi or what he would say to her on Tuesday.

“And his current condition — the nature of his condition — is stable,” she added. “And what we’re looking at as we move ahead is whether there is something that we need to do in the hospital.”

The meeting with the House Democratic Caucus is being held in a conference room on the second floor on the first floor of the Rayburn Building in the Capitol. It comes amid speculation that Pelosi, the first member of the generation that came of age in a Democratic House of Representatives, will leave the speakership for a new gig as a lobbyist or even another position in the Democratic Party

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