Randall Emmett’s Restraining Order Was Grasped Because of His Ex-Wife’s Failure to Inform the State

Ambyr Childers seeks restraining order against ex-husband Randall Emmett

As the drama surrounding the couple’s tumultuous split continues to unfold, court records obtained by DNAinfo show that while in the midst of their divorce proceedings, the state of Nevada filed a restraining order against Randall Emmett. According to court records, the order, which named his ex-wife, Ashley Emmett, the custodial parent of the couple’s son, was obtained in August of 2016 when the divorce proceedings were still in process, though it was put in place before the divorce was finalized.

According to the state of Nevada, its temporary orders against the former couple must be served to all parents, including the child’s father, and “enforced through the appropriate legal action.” While Emmett’s name was not included on the state’s order – which also named the child’s mother, Jennifer Emmett, as the custodial parent – Emmett’s attorney, David Shull, asked a judge to make Emmett’s name appear on the state’s order.

As reported by Nevada Appeal, in a sworn petition filed by the state’s attorney general, the restraining order was granted because Mr. Shull had failed to notify the state of his ex-wife’s request to take custody of her son.

However, in the order granting the temporary order, the judge said that the reason for the restraining order was not that Shull failed to notify the state, but that Emmett had tried to keep the state from finding the child’s mother, Jennifer Emmett. In his petition for the temporary order, Emmett’s attorney argued that his ex-wife had tried to take their child away from him, so he filed the restraining order because he didn’t want his ex-wife to take the child from him.

When Jennifer Emmett learned about the state’s order, she responded by filing a civil lawsuit against Nevada’s attorney general. As part of that lawsuit, Jennifer Emmett asked Judge David S. Gomper to dismiss the restraining order.

According to Jennifer Emmett’

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