Republican National Committee is training volunteers to fight election integrity violations

Conservatives recruit an army of volunteers as poll watchers in election-integrity push

With little help from their political leaders, Republicans across the nation are trying to stop election fraud in upcoming Congressional, state and local races.

In Illinois, the Republican National Committee is training volunteers to make sure election observers know when election officials are taking steps to maintain integrity. That’s the case in Cook County and elsewhere on the state and county level.

In the House, Republican National Committee Chairman Greg Walden said party leaders have been meeting with election officials since the 2006 election and have told them that “there should be no tolerance for election integrity violations,” which Walden said amounts to a violation of federal election laws.

In a news release, the RNC said it had been trying for years to get help from elected officials in fighting election-integrity violations. Walden said Republicans are trying to get more volunteers to do the work.

The RNC said it has trained more than 400 people nationwide, most of them Republican Party volunteers, and made similar announcements to volunteers in Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio. The organization has put out “a daily newsletter” about election integrity, according to the RNC.

In the news release, Walden said the volunteers are “dedicated, smart and have a passion for our country. They are willing to get out of bed at 5 in the morning to go out to their neighborhoods and make sure that every vote is counted.”

The RNC said its effort does not come from its Republican candidates and officials.

The RNC’s efforts have also focused on the state of Georgia, where state elections officials were caught removing nearly 30,000 voted-for ballots from the polls last month in a race for a judgeship.

Walden said the RNC has been meeting with Georgia officials since the election.

“This is not just a Republican problem. It is a federal and state election integrity problem,” he said. “This is an election integrity problem and we are going to do everything in our power in

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