Ron DeSantis to Talk About His Campaign, His Relationship With Trump

Republicans lean toward Ron DeSantis as the main party influencer over Trump

Ron DeSantis, who is fighting to become Florida’s governor after Trump narrowly failed to win his primary in favor of Sen. Bill Nelson, is set to appear on “Meet the Press” Wednesday.

During his appearance, DeSantis will get a chance to discuss his campaign, his relationship with Trump, and more.

From the start, DeSantis has shown that he has a strong relationship with the commander in chief. In his campaign announcement, the Trump campaign praised him, calling him a “hard-charging, no-nonsense guy” who can bring the “strongest conservative values to this state.” He has also talked about his friendship with Trump many times.

“I get along well with him. No one has a better understanding of Florida and he knows me so well,” DeSantis said in November when he announced his campaign. “He respects me and listens to me and appreciates my vision of Florida.”

Here’s where DeSantis stands on some of the most divisive subjects of the Trump administration:

Gun control

Despite the president’s repeated support for universal background checks as a “very, very tough issue,” DeSantis voted against the gun-safety measure in 2013 when it came up for a vote in Congress.

“I don’t believe in gun control,” he said. “I think that’s a waste of tax payer money and the government can spend the money on programs and things that are working.”

DeSantis’ position on the issue is in line with the more conservative wing of the Republican Party, which supports measures like background checks and waiting periods, and the National Rifle Association’s position on them.

“He knows there is a difference between background checks and registration of people and the Second Amendment,” RNC spokesman Michael Ahrens said of DeSantis during the primary.

When the National Rifle Association came out against background checks in Florida in 2013, DeSantis voted instead to expand background checks

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