Russian teenager banned from tennis for nine months for breaching anti-doping rules

Russian teenager banned from tennis for nine months following anti-doping breach – as he hits back over Russian doping

A Russian teenager has been banned from tennis for nine months for breaching anti-doping rules following his failure to disclose a failed doping probe.

The 20-year-old was found guilty of using a prohibited procedure and fined £3,000, after a two-hour hearing on Thursday after a positive test for the banned steroid turinabol.

His father, Nikoloz, says his son had “no knowledge” of what happened to the drug.

As a result of the breach, Russia has been banned from the European and Davis Cup tournaments.

The court fined him £2,000 and told him to pay more for court costs, and banned him from the sport for nine months.

Speaking from her office in Moscow, where she was attending the tennis world championship, the Russian Prime Minister, Mikhail Mishustin, said: “These children are just like me, they are growing up in a very normal way but they are not in the best environment.”

The two-hour hearing included a review of the results of Nikoloz’s doping test, the reasons for his positive test and an explanation why he had failed to disclose the test results.

The teenager’s father told the court at the tennis star’s home in Baku, a city close to the border with Azerbaijan, “it was his own fault” since Nikoloz was unaware of the ban.

“I don’t know how a guy in his 20s just fell victim to this doping stuff. He had no knowledge of it,” said Nikoloz in a live interview on Russian television.

He was quoted by Reuters as saying he believed his son’s positive test was caused by a “faulty test” used by the Russian anti-doping agency as the teenager tried to be “perfect” in his sport.

In a statement from the commission of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, released on Friday, it said: “The Commission found that the defendant did not make a reasonable effort to obtain the results of the doping control tests required by the WADA’s procedures for the detection and investigation of doping cases carried out using banned substances.

“We rejected the defendant’s attempts

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