Self-Care Is Not About Living a Carefree Life

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Friday, March 15, 2013, 10:46 am ·


Some people have a way about them that seems to go beyond mere words. This is the case with two of my friends who have the rarest of talents: they understand the concept of self-care. To them, taking care of yourself is not about living a carefree life. In fact, it’s about making sure you never live a carefree life, period, and in doing so, it’s about life taking the back seat to self-care. Two of these friends are my parents, both in their 80s. My dad, in his early 80s, still goes fishing. My mom, at 88, still does her daily crossword puzzle. Both of them are avid readers. No kidding. She can’t be beat for the amount of words she reads every day. My dad loves to watch college football games. My mom, well, she loves to watch college basketball games. And, if these are things that get you thinking, then what about these two?

Both are also very accomplished writers. And both have published books in the last few years, the first of which was titled, I Need to Be the Mother I Was In order to Take Care of Myself. They recently published a second book, I Can’t Wait to Change My House. They both are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to this type of writing, and that’s not simply because they’re my parents. I think it’s because they’re very aware that they all can make more time for themselves if they wanted to, and they don’t want to. They’re doing their best to take care of themselves.

When these two friends made the decision to take care of each other more than they take care of themselves, they didn’t have to look hard for their inspiration. They found it at a small local bookstore where they both work. They saw the books on self-care and they told each other, “I can’t wait to write a book.” They talked about it, and that’

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