‘She Said’ is a Drama

Review: Women’s voices and the facts power no-nonsense journalistic drama ‘She Said’

‘She Said’ is a no-nonsense journalistic drama that follows the lives of six female journalists in New York City. The six women in ‘She Said’ represent a range of different backgrounds and experiences, but, as executive producer John Pomeroy notes in the DVD’s special features, this is no way to present a story. The women in ‘She Said’ have real and important lives to juggle, and Pomeroy has done just that, taking the time to get to know each of the women and to put them at the center of his story.

The women in ‘She Said’ do not seem to be actors in a play, either. One of them is a stay-at-home parent, another is a journalist who makes a living as a political reporter, a third is a nurse, and a final woman is a law professor. They are all women whose stories ‘She Said’ is interested in telling, which is to say, stories that don’t have happy endings.

From the beginning of their journey, all the women involved in ‘She Said’ understand that their stories will be played out on the screen in the form of a drama: “The fact is, that [we are] all journalists,” said editor Christine “Christo” Tassie, one of ‘She Said”s principal contributors.

“We’re reporters, we’re editors, we’re lawyers and our husbands,” said a fourth former contributor, former editor and current associate professor of American Studies at Columbia University, Sarah “Sassy” Nye. “When we see an injustice that needs to be righted, we’re in the trenches, we’re on the front lines, and we’re willing to stand up and take a risk.”

Nye’s life hasn’t always been “a risk,” however. The daughter of a New York City bus driver, she became a first-generation college graduate and went on to earn a Ph.D. in anthropology. (She earned her doctorate by spending six years taking part in what felt like daily experiments involving human subjects, as well as a yearlong sabbatical studying the cultural and physical impact of global warming that she spent as part of a

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