South Lake Tahoe Mayor Kevin Johnson says he can’t live next door to his ex because she has mental health problems

South Lake Tahoe council candidate accused of breaking into his ex’s home says a bear is to blame

Tahoe Lake Mayor Kevin Johnson was sued by his ex-girlfriend for the right to remove her from his house. He says bears are responsible for her recent mental health problems.

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SOUTH LAKE, Calif. – A candidate for South Lake Tahoe council said he knows he’s guilty of breaking and entering, because bears were “out of the question” to be the culprit.

Kevin Johnson faces up to 20 years in prison for allegedly burglarizing his ex-girlfriend’s home.

The 47-year-old mayor of South Lake Tahoe says he can’t live next door to her because she has mental health problems.

Johnson says he was walking his dog on a Sunday morning when he took off his glove and saw the woman’s window was ajar.

“I put my hand in and got her phone,” Johnson said.

Johnson is being sued for trespassing and breach of peace after he allegedly broke into his ex’s house. She says he took her phone and made her leave.

She also is suing Johnson for negligence for leaving her vulnerable to his actions.

Johnson was not home to explain the incident at the time of this story, but his attorney said bears were to blame.

“We have found bears by testing,” attorney Tom Jones said.

Jones said his findings of evidence are compelling, and the evidence shows bears were in the area. Johnson’s attorney believes bears were the culprit.

The legal battle between the two sides has become a three-ring circus.

Jones has a letter from the District Attorney, and a complaint from his ex.

He is asking

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