The Black Pumas’ Star Spangled Banner Performance Was a Misstep

World Series 2022: Black Pumas singer Eric Burton blunders lyrics to national anthem during ‘American Dreams’ performance, fans ‘freak out.’

Published: 06-Jul-2017

“I want to thank the fans and everyone at the White House,” the singer told the Washington Post. “I’ll try to do my best.”

But his performance was a major misstep when he read the lyrics to the Star Spangled Banner from the stage. “You have no idea the magnitude of this moment,” a former member of the band said.

“The reason that I don’t do the anthem is that I grew up right in the middle of it, in a military family that went to parades and parades,” Burton continued. “And I never heard anybody yell out ‘I’m proud’ or ‘We’re proud.’ “

“American Dreamers” was one of the biggest hits of the ‘F’ -ing Anthem era, and Burton was the first solo artist to perform the song after it was updated by country singer Toby Keith in 2012 to include his family lineages.

In the same interview, Burton said he had been “freaked out” after witnessing the mass of fans in the crowd around him, and how it was “too much.” The Black Pumas were supposed to be playing a “very quiet set” with him after the performance, he told Vanity Fair.

“It’s great theater, but the stage is just too big,” Burton said. “We wanted to sing a quiet song, and they gave me this thing on video, and I just freaked out. I was like, ‘Holy cow, this is too much. Why do we have to do this?’ “


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