The Democratic Party is the party of working people.

Guerrero: Wake up, Democrats. Don’t let Republicans own the issue of violent crime, because they are. They are not getting a lot of credit for it right now. A lot more of the credit goes to us Democrats.

The numbers keep showing us that we are not paying enough attention to violent crime, particularly violent crime against women. And we have to get it under control if we really want to end it. When the media focuses like it is, they miss it. We look in the wrong places. And that just isn’t acceptable, or healthy, to the Democratic Party.

As a former prosecutor in the Department of Justice, I know the difference between a good crime and a lazy crime, and when we are going after criminals, we go after them. We will always, always, always take on the fight and the fight we must do to make sure that we will never have a culture of violence.

I am going to say, without any hesitation, that we have not had an adequate response to that issue. And I don’t understand why it is not seen as a national political issue. You have to look in the eyes of the people of Baltimore, they have been beaten, they have been robbed, they have been mugged.

They are victims of what happened in the streets of Baltimore every night on the street. We are not doing enough. Our political leaders are not doing enough. We have to get the job done. We will and we must. And I am going to make sure that we will do it right now, and in the next four years.

A lot of our elected officials will take credit for what we’re doing, and I think we need to get to work immediately on a comprehensive plan. The Democratic Party is the party of working people, and we can’t get there if we’re always focused on one-off issues like the one we’re talking about now.

We need to address the problem of what happened in 2014. It takes us a lot longer than four years to solve it. We must make sure that we have a comprehensive plan. And we must make sure that we put it in place now.

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