The Democrats’ Enabling of the Catholic Church is a Threat to Religious Liberty

‘We need to make America Godly again.’ The growing political influence of Latino evangelicals has put them on a collision course with the Democratic party, which they accuse of ignoring their Christian beliefs, in favor of liberal social-welfare programs.

Molly Ivins, a self-described “ultra-liberal” from New Jersey, has spent decades pushing back against the Democrats’ increasingly close political alliance with the Catholic hierarchy.

Ivins, who identifies herself as a “born-again” Evangelical, argues that the Democratic party’s embrace of the Catholic Church is a threat to religious liberty, and the faith in American democracy itself.

“When you take the votes of Catholics, the Democrat party is not going to win elections,” Ivins says. “And that’s why some of these liberal, left-wing Catholics, they’re very hostile to the Republican party.”

Ivins says she believes the Democrats’ embrace of the Catholic Church is a major, if not the major, roadblock to the social programs the Democrats say they have in mind to lift Americans out of poverty. Such social programs, according to the Democrats, would give working-class Americans a better shot at reaching the American dream.

In fact, the Democratic Party itself has long worked to undermine the Christian faith through its actions and rhetoric toward Hispanic voters and immigrants.

The two parties’ political alliances have become so tight that President Harry Truman once compared the Republican Party to a church he once attended, the Pentecostal Church – not the Catholic Church.

The Democrats’ embrace of the Catholic Church and other conservative institutions has caused even those who have traditionally been reluctant to identify themselves as conservative, such as former Rep. Robert Toricelli (R-N.Y.), who has worked with conservative Catholic leaders, to do so.

Toricelli is now being described as a new Latino “Catholic” who may run for New York State Senate; he says he is not.

According to an article published by the Catholic News Service, Toricelli also has long been critical of immigrants – including the undocumented – and has said he would like to see their status changed, “If necessary,” but that he would not take an immigration “mandate” from the federal government.

Ivins has always been critical of Catholics; when she was in eighth grade, she wrote an unpublished essay titled “Why I Disagree About Catholics.”

She writes:

“I have not

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