The Dodgers Are Not Ready for the World Series

Letters to the Editor: Dodgers lost? Fake news. Just declare them the winners and go home!

It was a day for the little guy! He was the only one who believed in the Dodgers until they were out of the race by the narrowest of margins to face the Diamondbacks. They didn’t win their final game, and the little guy was furious!

On Sept. 29, Mr. Zoll reported: “A vote of the fans, who will cast their ballots on Wednesday, will send the Dodgers into the World Series against the Arizona Diamondbacks.”

On Oct. 2, Mr. Zoll had to backtrack: “The Dodgers are on the outside looking in again, this time at the hands of the Detroit Tigers.”

And the following Monday, Mr. Zoll wrote this: “The Dodgers were eliminated in the standings by the Detroit Tigers, making their final game at home, in Detroit, the best-of-five series final against the St. Louis Cardinals.”

Now, back to the truth of things: How many times has it been the truth for the Dodgers in the World Series? Just one. Two? Never!

There is no magic here for the Dodgers. They simply do not have the players to contend in October and it will be a fight all season for the first half of the season.

We have witnessed this with the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Angels, and we know the truth of the Dodgers’ situation.

Dodgers need to go after a pitcher or two early in the year, then they can have some fun with their new offense and their pitchers can pitch well enough to keep them in the race until they get some injuries.

If the Dodgers want to contend, they must come out of October in September as they did in 1999. They need to get the team chemistry right early so they can be ready for October in full force.

Dodgers fans have to decide they can be patient and wait patiently for the Dodgers to get their players, and as they wait, they can be patient and wait for the

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