The first Brazilian to visit the United States

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This is an all-around story about an unassuming man who, thanks to the courage of his parents, is now going to have his first visit to America.

Rio de Janeiro – Rio de Janeiro – An unassuming man, just 20-years-old, was among those who marched through the streets of Rio de Janeiro to demand that his country, Brazil, respect democracy and the constitution.

At the beginning of this month, the young man, whose name has been withheld from the media, decided to embark on an adventure that may go beyond his life. At the request of his father, who is a prominent lawyer, he is going to visit the United States as a goodwill ambassador.

The mission to the United States has become even more relevant to this young man, who was the first to be granted Brazilian citizenship and who is now a resident of the country. And when he arrives here, he will be the first Brazilian to have visited the United States.

He will get to meet President Barack Obama and his US counterpart, Vice President Joe Biden, who, in the words of one of his supporters, “is an open-minded man who isn’t afraid of democracy,” and who “doesn’t support governments or parties that don’t do well in democratic elections.”

The trip has been arranged by his father, who is a prominent lawyer who is active in politics and the law. And even if something goes wrong during the American visit, such as if the young man gets sick, or something unexpected happens, such as a car accident, he will simply change planes at Rio’s Galeao international airport.

He will arrive in the United States through TAP Portugal, which has helped the young man’s father and who has been his contact throughout this trip.

With this mission, the mission of giving a young Brazilian and, if he is lucky, a young Brazilian-American, a symbolic gesture has become yet another example of the strong relationship between Brazil and the United States.

This relationship is built on fundamental principles: the democratic principles that the United States and Brazil respect as the founding members of the United Nations, and the importance attached to cultural and exchange

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