The gang’s new season premieres on Netflix on Sunday, April 20th

James Corden Would Rather Not Talk About That Balthazar Omelet

It’s taken a while, as they say, but now the British sitcoms are back with an extra helping of self-aware cheekiness, thanks to the new season of the wildly popular The IT Crowd, which features its eighth season premiering in the UK on BBC One this Thursday at 9pm. As such, it’s been a good summer for the show, which not only continues to attract a huge audience, but also features the return of the two most popular character, Mark (Simon Farnaby) and Charlotte (Jorja Fox), who’ve made a name for themselves thanks to their wily and cunning performances. They’re now as famous for their own foibles as for the team they’re a part of.

And speaking of which, the new season is no exception, as the gang continues to make a name for themselves at an increasingly higher level, but with one rather less exciting twist – none other than Steve Coogan’s Balthazar Omelet, who was a popular character during the first three seasons of the show, but this season features no sign of him at all (he’s now an IT consultant, no less). Instead, the season opens up with the arrival of a new IT consultant, James (David Walliams). And as it turns out, the story isn’t entirely about him, but one that revolves around the team that he’s a part of, namely, the company he takes an interest in, and the people who work for them. And while one of its primary targets is a certain former favourite, Charlotte, it should be noted that she’s actually very well-represented in the episode, as she’s got a really nice line in the kind of sarcastic and funny one-liners that have long been attributed to her, one of the show’s trademarks. And speaking of the people that are in the spotlight, Charlotte and Steve continue to share their interests, which is one of the best bits of the show so far, with Charlotte taking a shine to a slightly more ‘traditional’ type of man, Steve, who is very interested in the sort of

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