The GOP Should Be Governing

America, vote for Republican leadership. Our party’s leaders can deliver results — they already have. The next presidential election could be the most pivotal in decades, and we have to stop the Republicans from losing any opportunity to make historic gains.

We need to take the GOP down — we can’t get a third term for Obama with Republicans.

The GOP has won majorities in the House, Senate and governorship in four of the last five elections, but they’re just 4-5, 5-4, 6-7 in recent Senate elections. The only two times since the Civil War that there has been an electoral wipeout for Republicans is when Jimmy Carter lost the 1980 and 1984 elections to the Democrats and when Bob Dole lost the 1996 contest to Bill Clinton.

As long as they have a House majority, there is no reason why Republicans should be losing. They should be winning. They should be doing what they do, which is to elect a House or Senate majority they can actually control and actually win. They should be doing that.

That’s what a party needs to do at its best. It should be about governing. And if they don’t, what good is it?

That’s what they don’t do. They lose.

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