The GOP’s “Sanctuary State” Bill Is a Republican Issue

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AUSTIN – On the cusp of summer, the state Legislature’s top leaders are expected to make a major push to protect the open borders of Texas – an effort known as SB4, also known as the sanctuary state bill.

SB 4 will be the next battle of the Trump administration and conservatives, pitting those seeking to crack down on illegal immigration against Democrats. The issue has been a constant companion for Republicans, who have been looking to exploit the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric to draw support for SB 4.

While it was initially pitched as an effort to crack down on illegal immigration, the law has turned into an expression of popular anger to immigrants. It has drawn the ire of Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who has accused the GOP of “acting like Trump.”

“I am extremely disturbed by the language used in the bill,” López Obrador said. “I am very upset by this bill, which seems to insult Mexican people and especially the indigenous peoples, and other people from different countries.”

In the heat of an election season, it’s unsurprising that lawmakers are struggling to understand the implications and implications of SB 4, even as they prepare to defend the GOP’s claim to being the party of “USA,” and defend the state’s “sanctuary” status.

Legislators have largely been trying to ignore the law. They don’t have the political capital to stand up to their base on SB 4, who are likely to be angered by the law. More than likely, they’ll side with the people they’re trying to convince that they need it.

“At this point, I do not have an appetite for debating and making a stand on the law.” said state Sen. Brian Birdwell, R-Granbury. “No matter how ridiculous it sounds. I do not have the wherewithal right now to even bring that to my legislative agenda.”

The Republican leadership, though, have tried to get ahead of the issue and frame it as a Republican issue. Their argument is that the

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