The Halep Family Is Trying to Tell The Truth

Simona Halep Suspended for a Positive Doping Test

Months of testing, extensive interviews with Halep and her former husband, and a lengthy investigation have left the tennis star in a difficult position. It all seems to be coming down to a simple question: Is she lying?

If the Halep family and her former husband are being honest with each other, and the sport is being honest with the IOC’s ruling on her ban, then there is no obvious reason for Halep to lie about the positive result.

However, they do not want to be the party that has to deal with the repercussions for the sport.

On April 20, in response to the IOC’s suspension of Halep, the family publicly stated it would cooperate with the investigation and accept the IOC’s ruling.

That did not happen. Instead, the only communication came from the IAAF in the form of a letter on April 21 that rejected the family’s request for a meeting to discuss the investigation and issue a statement.

So now, the family is facing another public embarrassment. The tennis star has decided that she is not going to return for the upcoming French Open, scheduled for the beginning of June.

In that article, the tennis star stated that she has “no choice” but to retire from professional tennis after testing positive for banned substances.

Unfortunately, however, the truth is that the most likely explanation is more complicated. The answer to why the Halep family decided to cooperate with the IAAF in the first place, while simultaneously denying the obvious, is that she lied.

I’m going to tell you why:

The Halep family made a decision that she could be trusted; that she wouldn’t lie about something that was not in her control. If she was honest about everything she knew from the beginning of this story, she would not have admitted in her letter on April 21 that she did not tell her family this story until she got the positive test result herself.

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