The Haunted Mansion Tour

Southern California serving hot Santa Ana winds for Thanksgiving weekend.

Our first Thanksgiving in Santa Ana, and we got to spend it with our family.

The weather was perfect that day and by the time we were done with dinner our turkey was cooked and ready to eat.

I got a chance to enjoy some of the sights I was dying to see and do at Disneyland.

Of course, my kids loved every single thing they saw and did at the park, and I have to say that with two young ones (who have very different tastes and interests) they both enjoyed it!

They spent most of the day at the park and the rest of the day playing outside at the park.

As usual, the weather was perfect and we had a wonderful time with family and friends!

While we were walking around in Disneyland, I decided to try and get to see the Haunted Mansion.

It was actually our last afternoon at Disneyland, before we were heading back out to LA.

I had asked to go on the Haunted Mansion tour and it was offered in the early afternoon.

I had no idea what to expect at the Haunted Mansion, so I was pretty nervous about it, but after about 10 minutes in the tour, I was glad.

I walked into the museum and it actually had a good sized room that was filled with scary stuff.

I was the one walking through this creepy mansion and I just had to laugh.

I kept laughing because it looked like a great time, but it really wasn’t.

The only scary thing, besides the ghosts and the ghosts and the monsters, were the kids in the haunted house.

I had been warned by my friends that the kids were not your normal children.

They were not smiling or laughing, and while they behaved themselves, they did not seem to fit in with the other children.

On the other side (the side I was) I saw a group of other older kids with a young woman (almost 13, I guess…no way I was older than her).

I said to her, “Is this how you feel when you’re with older children?”

Her reply was, “I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve tried to teach them how to be grown

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