The Hotel I’m Going to Stay At

Help! The Hotel I Booked Online Became a Homeless Shelter and No One Told Me. Here’s What I Know Now

I booked a hotel online for a family getaway — a trip we’d never have booked without the booking site. The hotel’s website promised a room with king-size bed, a view of the ocean and a private balcony. We booked it for two nights and paid a whopping $119.99, a price that includes taxes, fees, and cancellation penalties.

As soon as we arrived, we noticed there were five people in our room, each with a dog. So, we walked the halls, got into the wrong bathroom, and had to move one of the dogs. There were more dogs, so we had to leave. Finally, after hours of walking the hotel, we got to a lobby where there was no place to sit. I was tired and hungry, so I walked around and found myself a restaurant, where I ate a delicious meal.

The next morning, I said good-bye to my parents when they left for a business trip. My father dropped my mother off and I walked the four blocks to the hotel door and saw the hotel manager was an “Englishman” who didn’t speak any English.

The hotel manager told me he’d called me the night before and asked why I was there. I said I was a customer who had a reservation, and he said I’d have to wait it out.

We kept waiting.

It’s a two-story, four-bedroom, four-bathroom French style hotel with a swimming pool on the second floor and an attached restaurant. I told the manager I wasn’t going to stay there anymore.

“I’ve got this,” he said.

I asked if we could get the room, but he said he’d have to call the police.

“Are you kidding me?” I said. “I can’t go to court with this guy in charge!”

We waited to see if there was an arrest

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