The LA Department of Water and Power is giving out $16 cash vouchers to homeowners who clean their lawns

Tear out your lawn, get more free cash. LADWP ups rebates for customers who clean up lawns.

The LA Department of Water and Power, which oversees the city’s water and sewer system, will give out $16 cash vouchers to customers who take out the lawn mowing and weed cutting chore.

Lawn service typically requires paying an hourly fee, which most customers who want their lawns mowed or trimmed get. But the utility said during the pilot program it would no longer be charging customers an hourly fee, and the customers who clean up the lawns with the vouchers must make up for those who don’t. (Lawn service is paid for through an annual pass.)

After the pilot is over, the department will start another study to evaluate how many customers need the vouchers and how much they would cost.

At the Department of Water and Power, in order to give you the best service with the fewest costs, we need your lawns, sidewalks, pools, and patios in the best shape possible during winter. Do you want to get the best winter maintenance or just a few more dollars in your pocket?

For some years, we have offered a no-interest loan program, in addition to our annual maintenance rebate, to customers with little or no funds to spend on winter maintenance. We will pay off your debt with your property tax bill at the end of the year.

This program allows you to get a little more cash for your home and maybe save some on your home insurance.

The department began its new no-interest rebate program in October.

The initial program offered a $75 rebate for the first $500 of lawn mowing and weed-clearing, up to a maximum of $1,000 for the property. Over the past two years, we’ve reduced the maximum amount we’ll pay for each area.

The more you clean at home, the larger the rebates you get. You can have one rebate per area, not two or three as before.

If you’re a homeowner who’s already been rebates like this before, you can apply now to get this new program going on in your neighborhood.

To apply, you’ll need to fill out a new application that asks questions about the

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