The Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Center’s Halloween Parade Spooky Exhibit

From scare-actors to ofrenda artists, L.A.’s October’s spooky season is back in full force-literally.

If you grew up in Southern California, you may be familiar with the Halloween tradition of scare-actors.

Every October 31st, a procession of spooky costumes winds its way down the streets in search of the largest gathering of costumed revelers in the world-the annual Halloween Parade at the Los Angeles Civic Center.

In recent years, the city has opened a new space called the Cultural Affairs Center to store and exhibit all the costumes and props of the parade-including, this year, a massive, 10-foot by 20-foot collection of spooky sculptures created by a team of artists led by sculptor Joe Schoen.

Schoen, who graduated from the University of California at Davis this year, is best known for his work on the massive “Big Wall” in Davis’ Central Park. A huge, outdoor sculpture made entirely out of the same metal that forms the fence around the park, the “Wall” is a public work that invites the public to sit and contemplate its majesty. You can even take a bite of its steel fence.

“As soon as I saw that in Davis, I knew I wanted to do something similar,” Schoen said. “It’s a bit different from the big wall because it’s much smaller and much more intimate.”

With the Cultural Affairs Center’s spooky exhibit, you can view the entire work in one sitting, or take a break to take in the sculptures themselves. The most frightening of the sculptures, which is the one that will be featured in the Halloween Parade, is the “Walt Disney” sculpture-a towering tribute to Disneyland that would’ve seemed out of place on Main Street in Disney’s first park, but which is now at the Cultural Affairs Center.

The exhibit’s opening is scheduled for 5PM on Oct. 31.

After watching the first cut of the “Disney Walt” documentary, which premiered at Sundance this year, it’s clear that his Disney-themed body was made for this work. But it’s also apparent that Schoen hasn’t worked with a Disney artist before.

“Not only is he familiar with Disney, he’s also a fan of horror movies and the like,” said Mark McClellan, artistic

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